EXTREME 69 power


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EXTREME 69 power is an ultra-lightweight frame with integrated carbon handle in a three-piece construction. The extremely lightweight racquet is enormously maneuverable, easy to handle and gives the player unbelievable power, feel and control.


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Material EPLON™+K12
Weight (±3g) 69 g
Balance grip heavy
Shaft stiff
String / Rec. Kg CORE 65 / 10-11
Target group Pro/Tournament
Item-No. / EAN 4028067332830
Playing qualities All Round Power

Ultra-light and thin layers for more flexible and weight reduction. Evenly and straightly distributed fiber in the filaments without any bending. Easy manual and automatic handling, cutting and laying. It makes the racquet enormously powerful, light and reduces vibrations that occur.

Through several heating processes, particularly high-quality graphite fiber are produced, which are much finer in structure than normal graphite. The rackets made from this material are very light and durable.

High Modulus Graphite is a carbon fiber made by oxidizing polyacrylamide fiber. Graphite is 40% lighter than glass fiber, but five times as stiff and has twice the pull strength.


  1. Jitender

    Loved the performance of racket, very light weight and good for smashes. Overall service of badmintontrendz was smooth and I got the badminton the same day I ordered.

  2. Kevin Ho

    One of the best rackets to use as it has versatility in doubles for front court speed and backcourt slice shots. It can smash and clear as I’d have more time to prepare a good stroke though i’d usually pair this racket with a stronger/slower partner who often has recovery time to account for after they hit a smash. I have this and a Delta 10 in my bag to alternate as i enjoy the extremes of either head light and head heavy depending on the circumstance.; that is a must try as well.

    Great service and accommodation from the seller.

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