OMEX 710OMEX 710

OMEX 710


With 40T-HMP & Eplon™+K12, the newest
technologies are used in this racket. HMP (Hot Melt Process) is a process for producing a fabric of per-impregnated and hot-melt-bonded carbon fibers with a very high strength in a low weight. The aerodynamically optimized frame head provides a faster and more dynamic play. The same as 700.


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Material 40T/HMP
Weight (±3g) 88g
Balance balanced
Shaft extra stiff
String / Rec. Kg CORE 65 / 30 lbs
Target group Pro /Tour
Item no. / EAN 4028067330522
Playing qualities All Round

Ultra-light and thin layers for more flexible and weight reduction. Evenly and straightly distributed fiber in the filaments without any bending. Easy manual and automatic handling, cutting and laying. It makes the racquet enormously powerful, light and reduces vibrations that occur.

Through several heating processes, particularly high-quality graphite fiber are produced, which are much finer in structure than normal graphite. The rackets made from this material are very light and durable.

High Modulus Graphite is a carbon fiber made by oxidizing polyacrylamide fiber. Graphite is 40% lighter than glass fiber, but five times as stiff and has twice the pull strength.


  1. Kishore

    Excellent for attacking and smashing

  2. Andres Rincon

    Very pleased with this powerful racket. Great for smashing and attacking. High quality and sturdy.

  3. Satya

    Very comfortable to play with this racket. It’s very good for attack and smash. Feels very good playing with this racket.

  4. Satya

    Great racket, feels great playing with this. Smashes go on point. Overall love this racket.

  5. Jagat Singh

    I purchased this racket 2 months back and my game completely changed. I can generate good and powerful smashes. This racket is lightweight, stronger, and more stable for maximum power and speed. I am highly recommending this racket who wants try smashes with light weight racket.

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