T50 POWER Tour


The T-50 POWER is the ideal racket for the powerful player. The Super Thin Golfshaft (STGS) technology and the CUBE-shaped frame profile provide maximum ball acceleration. The perfect racket for the tournament player.


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Material Nano-Eplon™
Weight (±3g) 88 g
Balance slightly top-heavy
Shaft midflex
String / Rec. Kg MX 1 / 10 Kg
Target Group Tournment Players
Item no. / EAN 4028067332564
Playing Qualities All Round Power

Ultra-light and thin layers for more flexible and weight reduction. Evenly and straightly distributed fibers in the filaments without any bending. Easy manual and automatic handling, cutting and laying. It makes the racquet enormously powerful, light and reduces vibrations that occur.

Through several heating processes, particularly high-quality graphite fibers are produced, which are much finer in structure than normal graphite. The rackets made from this material are very light and durable.

High Modulus Graphite is a carbon fiber made by oxidizing polyacrylamide fibers. Graphite is 40% lighter than glass fiber, but five times as stiff and has twice the pull strength.


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