Oliver Sports Combo Set (2 DUAL TEC Lite Rackets + 1 Apex 85 Shuttlecock speed 77)


Combo pack includes;

2 DUAL TEC Lite Rackets

2 Racket Covers

1 Apex 85 Shuttlecock speed 77


Lightweight and durable Metacarbon™ racket for ambitious club and tournament players. Aerodynamic frame design for maximum speed and power. Plus a Apex 85 feather shuttlecock tube.


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  • Characteristics

    Material Hybrid Carbon
    Weight (±g) 89 g
    Balance balanced
    Shaft midflex
    Lenght 665 mm
    Target Group Advanced & Club Players
    Item no. / EAN 4028067331734
    Playing Qualities Power

Ultra-light and thin layers for more optionality and weight reduction. Evenly and straightly distributed fibres in the filaments without any bending. Easy manual and automatic handling, cutting and laying. It makes the racquet enormously powerful, light and reduces vibrations that occur.

Through several heating processes, particularly high-quality graphite fibres are produced, which are much finer in structure than normal graphite. The rackets made from this material are very light and durable.

High Modulus Graphite is a carbon fibre made by oxidising polyacrylonitrile fibres. Graphite is 40% lighter than glass fibre, but five times as stiff and has twice the pull strength.



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