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How to select a right Racket?

The harder the string, the smaller the area (sweet spot) with which the ball can be hit efficiently. The closer the meeting point, the more effective the ball can be controlled and the harder it can be hit. Tournament players choose a higher stringing strength of 9 and more Kg. They hit the ball more frequently in the sweet spot and can thus use the higher stringing hardness. Beginners should choose a lower tension hardness of up to 8.5 Kg to use the trampoline effect for higher impact hardness and an improved range of impact. The lower stress hardness is also gentler and more forgiving. Most Badminton strings are up to max. 12.7 Kg. A higher string tension is not recommended because the frame can be damaged and the durability of the string is significantly reduced. The hardness of the string should be adapted to the respective frame and the individual playing level. The prerequisite for reliable data is a properly calibrated stringing machine.

Choice of string

Thin gauges: (0,65 – 0,70)

For tournament players: less air resistance, -more power, -less durability

Thick gauges: (0,75 – >)

For amateur players and beginners: more air resistance, -a bit less power, -more durability

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