Oliver Apex Hybrid – Speed 77Oliver Apex Hybrid – Speed 77

Oliver Apex Hybrid – Speed 77 – Bundle of 10 Tubes – Local Pickup available


Hybrid shuttlecock from Oliver, composed of three materials.
Natural feathers, a stable nylon basket and a durable cork form a shuttlecock with optimal flight characteristics and significantly extended durability compared to conventional natural shuttlecocks.
Due to the relatively low price, the Oliver Hybrid Ball shines with an excellent price/performance ratio.
These Shuttles are therefore perfect for training and for recreational players who have had to do without natural feather balls due to the high wear and have resorted to nylon balls.
Available in speed 77.
Bundle of 10 Tubes with free Regular USPS shipping to 48 states.

Original price was: $189.00.Current price is: $155.00.

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New hybrid shuttlecock from Oliver.
Composed of natural feathers, a nylon basket and a cork head.
Noticeably longer durability than a normal natural shuttlecock.
Ideal for hobby and training use.


  1. Satya

    Oliver Apex Hybrid 77’s nylon basket is quite unique and durable which makes it last longer for at least a couple of advanced games. Definitely good from price/performance standpoint

  2. Satya

    Apex 77 lasts a couple of games with advanced play. It’s unique nylon basket makes it more durable than other variants.

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